How SEO tactics can get you on TikTok’s fyp

24th September, 2021

Since TikToks growing popularity over the past two years, TikTok marketing strategies have also increased in popularity and have become a necessity in marketing strategies. With roughly 100 million active users consuming content, more and more businesses have taken to promoting their offerings on the app. It’s a no brainer why businesses wouldn’t use the free platform and organic marketing that TikTok has to offer. With their 100 million active users consuming content at roughly 21.5 hours per month it is no wonder a lot of businesses are trying to get their hand in the jar. So, if you’re a business that is looking to advertise on TikTok, there are ways that SEO tactics can help in getting you on the for you page or the “fyp”. In this article, we offer some tips and info on how some super basic SEO tactics can help you get on the fyp.

So, why TikTok marketing?

If the 100 million active users consuming 21.5 hours of content per month didn’t quite persuade you, let’s divulge a little more on why TikTok marketing is so beneficial.

A lot of business owners look at TikTok as a social media platform that only ‘young’ people use. Sometimes people think that their target marketing just isn’t the type of people who use TikTok. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s just not true. TikTok actually has a wide demographic of users. There are a lot of users that are aged between 10-19, however, there are also users who are 30+ that use the platform.

Hopefully, you’ve been convinced that TikTok marketing is something you’d want your business to be doing. In that case, let’s move on to some of the tips that you should keep in mind when using the TikTok platform for your business.

Having a Hashtag Strategy

If you’ve read the How to Use SEO Instagram Strategies to Grow Your Business article, then you’d know that I did speak a bit about hashtags, and using them to your advantage when posting. A lot of social media platforms operate utilising the power of hashtags. TikTok is no different. When it comes to posting on TikTok, one of the best ways to reach your audience is by using hashtags on your content. This pushes your content into a group of related posts where there are users who are already interested in the same topic. Trending TikTok hashtags allow for posts and content to become more visible and increases your reach.

Creating a hashtag strategy is a lot like doing keyword research. Before conducting research you should know:

  • The type of audience you are trying to reach (target market)
  • The actions that you want the target audience to do once viewing your content (make a purchase)

Once you have identified these things, you can start researching the keywords or hashtags that you should include in your content. A good hashtag is relevant to your business and has a decent amount of volume. Find your niche and look at what posts have to most interactions and the hashtags they used. You can also use a mixture of popular hashtags with less popular hashtags. This means that when you gain popularity in the smaller hashtag, it will allow you to rise up in the larger hashtag.

Research on hashtags can also be quite insightful because it can give you an idea of what your competitors are doing and the type of hashtags or keywords they’re using. You can also use this research as a means of inspiration for future content creation ideas.

Take Advantage of TikTok Analytics

Most social media platforms allow businesses and users to have access to marketing analytics data and this can be very helpful. To be able to access this data, you need to upgrade your account to a “pro” account. This doesn’t cost anything but reaps great benefits. Access to this data allows insights into follower behaviour and metrics on your account and posts. From this data, you can identify what posts and content is working, and what isn’t doing so well. An integral element of SEO is assessing data to adjust and make changes where needed.

TikTok Best practices

Now that we’ve spoken all about the SEO tactics that you can use to help grow your business on TikTok and get on that fyp, let’s chat a little about TikTok best practices that should be coupled with these tips.

What time should I post?

Just like any social media platform, there are peak times when users are most active and taking advantage of this can help with increasing the number of people who see your posts and the level of interactions with it as well. It is advised to use the data that TikTik provides to figure out when the best time to post is. Experts recommend that it is best to post between 10 AM and 6 PM, however, this is not a universal rule of thumb. Post a different times and see what works best for your audience.

Having a strong call to action

Doing all these SEO tactics is no good without having a strong and good call to action (CTA). I briefly mentioned this in the hashtag section of the article but telling your viewers exactly what you want them to do after consuming your content is important. Whether that’s following you or checking out the link to your website in your bio, you need to be clear and concise and this really helps in tying together your strategy.


By using these SEO tactics on TikTok, you should be able to increase your visibility and traffic on the app, leading to more sales. You should keep in mind that SEO is not a set and forget or a one-time thing. Strategies using SEO requires time, consistent and continuous work in order for you to see results.

TikTok marketing can be very beneficial for your business when you know what you’re doing. While this article does cover some tips on SEO for TikTok, it is non-exhaustive and not comprehensive on everything you should know about TikTok marketing. If you want to know more about social media marketing contact a professional.

Written by

Tianna Chalon